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PugPro - Video Solutions

We specialize in quick low cost memorial presentation videos. Converting snap shots to a video presentation set to an audio accompaniment. We will simply beat any price out there. We also provide a an assortment of intro video and ending videos for the do it your-self person that can accentuate and accompany the memorial video.

How it works.

You can request a free quote either over the phone or by email. Our prices depend on the length of the DVD and the number of snap shots that we must "scan-in" to create the DVD. We can also convert VHS to DVD and include them in the video as well. We also accept digital photos, mpeg video and DVD "home" movies to include in collection of assembled media for DVD presentation.

Send us your snap shots and we will scan and assemble them into a digital format. All media sent to us is returned usually express mail, but can also be sent over-night when needed.


Cost to scan photos to CD
$3.95 1 to 9
2.95 10 to 20
2.50 21 to 40
2.20 41 to 64
2.00 65 or more.

DVD Development
Per 20 minute video length $165.00

We will transition existing digital photos and mpeg video to a DVD as part of the DVD development. We charge additional fees to convert a VHS to a DVD format based on length. Accepted media types include snap-shots, VHS, DVD, Digital images either .tff or .jpg format. Existing 8 mm or other video camera media must be converted to VHS or DVD format before being submitted.

Send us a copy of music you all ready own and want to use on your DVD. Or you can send us a list and we will purchase that music for your use. Most songs will be under $2.00 and you will get a copy of that mp3 song or songs included in a separate music CD.


Video Solutions
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